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About J.P. Chandler

J.P. Chandler was born and raised in California, where he now resides with his wife of many years. He uses writing in the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy as his excuse for pursuing interests in history, science, culture among many others. He first started writing at the age of fourteen. He has been a waiter, a delivery driver, a furniture repairman, a pizza maker, and a small equipment mechanic. He has also been a teacher, a coach, an editor, and an attorney. And he speaks French.

His first professional sale was a short story in “Tales from the Lyon’s Den.” His first novel is titled “They Call Me Princess,” written in the shared world series known as The Fallen World, from author Christopher Woods.

In 2021 he published "The Hill to Die On" in Songs of Valor, along with an all star line-up of writers.

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