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This Fallen World, Book 15


The Eureka Bubble is no longer isolated from a world still struggling after the apocalyptic finale to the Corporate Wars. Regaining contact with the outside communities helped cure the problems of dwindling resources, but it also brought new challenges for the Bubblers to overcome.

Princess, a.k.a. Kelly Ansen, has already learned first-hand how dangerous this new reality could be, and she barely survived. Recognizing the Bubble holds a wealth of resources compared to most of the rest of the world, Princess will stop at nothing to protect her home. Enlisting her brother Scott and former Obsidian Agent Morgan Campbell, she continues to work toward a future where the Bubble and its neighbors can embrace life beyond mere survival.

But the resources of the Bubble make a tempting prize for anyone with the guts and the power to take them. When Princess’ father returns with a squad of Specialists and Con Mods and decides he wants the Bubble for his own, can Princess and her allies stop them from repeating the mistakes and horrors of the past, or will she become just another victim of this Fallen World?

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