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A Visit To The Bubble

To celebrate the publication of Children of the Fall on April 7, 2023, I thought you might like to see where the events of the Princess Saga take place. Ride along with me on a visit to the Eureka Bubble.

This is an ariel photo of Humboldt Bay and Eureka from the south. I found this online. I hope the owner doesn't mind me using it. I'd be happy to attribute it to somebody.

These are a few pics we took during a quick trip to Eureka last summer to visit family. You might recognize some of the places from the books, with the bonus of a great sunset.

This is the Carson Mansion and probably my favorite part of the trip (besides the amazing steak I had). It's one of the most significant landmarks in Eureka. It's not open to the public, but it's beautiful from any angle, especially on such a clear day. The mansion is on fire in the cover art for Children of the Fall.

Hopefully, on our next trip to the area we'll have time to drive over to see the real Etna, California. I don't know if I'd ever want to live in the Humboldt area. Coming down from temps in the mid-70s to a triple-digit heat had me seriously considering it.

This may or may not be actual footage of the first action scene in They Call Me Princess.

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