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Cyber-art - A new era for creators?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen that I've been experimenting with MidJourney, an AI art production tool. I might explore the implications for art and society in a later blog, but I thought I would show you a little of what I've been working on.

First, is bringing to "life" some of my characters, to put an image to my imagination. Of course, I had to start with Princess. This is one of my now earlier attempts and still my favorite, even if the hair isn't quite what I imagined. The most interesting thing with this is that almost all of the images work as Princess.

Here are a few other characters I've developed for other stories, most of which are still in the works.


Second, I use the images to trigger other ideas, whether just general concepts or specific characters, it's been a gold mine of creative drive. I even used it to make a book cover for the free ebook you will get if you sign up for my erstwhile newsletter. Here are some of the images that have really fired my imagination.

I'm not promising all of these will end up in stories and books, but you can see how diverse the art can be. The failures can be pretty awful, and I reject at least nine out of ten results. But when MJ gets it right, it's very entertaining.

One thing to remember about MidJourney is nothing you do is private. Everything can be seen on Discord or on your MJ feed, which others can follow. This means every failure is just as public as the successes. If you would like to see all my attempts, find Fun Fiction Stories on Discord or J.P. Chandler on the MJ website.

PS - I might do another blog showing some of the more notable failures. They range from silly to kinda gruesome.

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